Plakat-A1-Saxonia100 Old technology holds a fascination for many people, who do not usually have the opportunity to experience its functioning and its uses in their daily lives. The viewing of early means of transportation in particular brings to light not just how quickly things have developed, but also how long some fundamental knowledge and construction principles have endured. The desire to study this development is particularly strong in Saxony. This probably lies in the long tradition of manufacturing vehicles in the area that stretches over a hundred years. As early as 1900, the first car was built in Coswig, Saxony by Emil Nacke: the Coswiga. Other brands, steeped in tradition, soon followed: Horch, Audi, DKW or Wanderer. Bicycle manufacturing in Saxony even goes as far back as 1890. The excitement at classic car events brings this history to life. Unfortunately, the earliest car models are increasingly rare at such events. With Saxonia 100, our aim is to attract some well-deserved attention to the most ancient treasures of automobile history. The main focus at Saxonia 100 is means of transportation that are at least 100 years old. It does not matter whether they have two, three or four wheels, or are driven by combustion engines, steam, electricity or human muscle. We therefore invite people from all over the world who own vehicles that are at at least 100 years old to participate in Saxonia 100, regardless of the type of vehicle: car, motorcycle or bicycle. At several points along the route, the participants will get to view other historical means of transportation, such as old horse-drawn carriages in Moritzburg, the narrow gauge railway in Radebeul or the oldest and largest fleet of steam ships in the world on the Elbe River. Saxonia 100 is not a sporting competition! It is an exhibition drive to demonstrate old technology. There are no timed stages along the route, which was devised especially for these vehicles. The participants are thus free to focus their attention fully on the beautiful scenery along the route and on the joy of driving. Come and experience the atmosphere of 1900 on the scenic roads of Dresden and its surroundings. We, the initiators of the Saxonia 100 are a non-profit association of friends of old technology and traditional craftsmanship. We thank the Sachsen Klassik GmbH for the free and responsible organization of this event.


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